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We have one interest. Yours.

Our mortgage brokers represent you. They are not tied to a specific financial institution. Their main priority is to save money for the client.

No cost to you at all.

Choosing the right housing loan package can save you thousands of dollars every year. Our mortgage consultants are trained to provide you with the best professional advice and to source for the most attractive housing loan packages. Best of all, you do not pay any extra fees for our services.

The best loan packages.

Choosing the right loan package is important as it will eliminate unnecessary costs and stress later. Our mortgage department is constantly updated on loan packages in the market. We are in constant contact with just about every bank that provides home loans in Singapore. Rest assured that you will not be missing out on any attractive home loan package. If it is in the market, we will let you know about it.

Your personal mortgage consultant.

Every borrower is different. Thus you should never rely on generic online financial tools or calculators. Securing the best property loan can be extremely simple and straightforward with one of our personal mortgage consultants. They are trained to shortlist the best home loan packages to suit your needs. Let us to the work for you and make looking for a home loan truly hassle free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any charges for your services?

There are no charges for engaging a mortgage consultant from our company. Our professional advice does not come with a fee. As we are a mortgage broker, it is the banks that will pay us a referral fee for referring a customer to them. The referral fees are similar across all banks and thus we are unbiased. We only source out the best packages for our clients.

What type of loan should I take?

There are many factors to consider. Are you planning to sell your property after a few years? Are you intending to purchase another property while holding on to your current home loan? Are you more comfortable with a fixed or floating rate? This is where our mortgage consultants can help you narrow down your choices to suit your needs.

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