Motor Insurance

Let us provide you with a competitive quote for your motor insurance. If you have an existing motor insurance, let us better the deal from your existing insurer!

Travel Insurance

Protect yourself against unexpected incidents. Wherever you go, we have you covered.

Home Insurance

Your home is your most treasured and valuable asset as it provides shelter and security for you and your loved ones. That is why you should not leave anything to chance.

Maid Insurance

In your busy schedule, your maid is there to assist you to lighten your workload at home. Maid Insurance provides your maid with the protection she needs while protecting your responsibility as an employer.

Personal Accident Insurance

You wish to live life to the fullest, but sometimes unknowns and uncertainties can happen. Having comprehensive protection for accidents is all you need to protect you along your life journey.

Commercial Marine Insurance

Possible damages and delays to your cargo can result in loss to your business investments. Our cargo insurance provides you with the protection against business risks whilst your goods are in passage by sea, air, land or rail.

Insuring your shipment is a key step to protect your business against any possible financial loss and damages from perils such as storm, fire, collision and theft during its passage.

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